dxw was founded in 2008 because it was clear that the public sector needed a new generation of suppliers with a new outlook. Users’ needs were rarely considered, and IT failures were ubiquitous.

Since the adoption of agile as government policy, things have started to get better. User-focused services have launched with unprecedented user satisfaction and at a fraction of the cost of past projects. Principles of user-centred service design and agile methodologies have proven themselves effective.

dxw has been delivering this way since 2008. We know how to help organisations make a break from the past. We’re partners to organisations throughout the public sector, working on a diverse set of projects, helping our clients to do things differently.

The facts

12 community events sponsored
last year

98.6 helpdesk satisfaction

85 repeat business and recommendations

Our team

Harry Metcalfe

Managing Director

Vanessa Williams

Head of Business Operations

Lee Maguire

Head of Technical Operations

David Mann

Head of Strategy

Ian Dow-Wright

Delivery Manager

Stacey Phillips

Delivery Manager

Alex Jackson

Delivery Manager

Michael Wawra

Delivery Manager

Sammy Earles

Product Manager

Duncan Stuart

Technical Architect

Ben Griffiths

Technical Architect

Joshua Marshall

Front-end Architect

Jess Perriam

User Researcher

Vita Mangan

User Researcher

Leanne Garvie


Tamas Horvath

Systems Administrator

Chris Wright

Systems Administrator

Magda Faizov

Designer / Developer

Tom Adams


Tom Hipkin


Robert Lee-Cann


Rob Skilling


Robbie Paul


Duncan Brown


Our clients