dxw build digital services for the public sector that are flexible, efficient, effective and useful. We want people’s experience of those services to be straightforward, positive and seamless.

Since 2008 we’ve delivered transactional services, publishing platforms, and informational and campaign websites.

We always start with users’ needs and use agile methodologies to deliver services that will deliver value to users.

Screen with sample PHP function

How we work

We use agile principles when building services. We release early and often, use test-driven development and open standards.

We have multi-disciplinary teams made up of developers, delivery managers, designers and researchers who work in sprints to deliver working software.

We continuously improve the services we’re working on and research is embedded in our projects so we get regular feedback and iterate.

Technologies we love


We create easy and natural user experiences through websites that are simple to manage and maintain.

Ruby on Rails

We build robust sites that deliver transactional services and maintain performance under pressure.

Other technology

We help you choose the right technology and deliver effective, secure and maintainable services.