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Introducing Ian

Hi everyone, First a quick introduction. I’m Ian and I’ve just joined dxw as the new Account Manager. I have a varied background mostly in creative geekery and training. Highlights include, seven years at Apple in both sales and training roles as well as two years technical consultancy and support for an arts charity.  Recently […]

Quick Tip – disable WordPress login during development

When you’re developing a WordPress site locally it can be tedious to keep logging in with a fake username and password – particularly if you’re testing things out from the perspective of multiple user types (e.g. Admin and Subscriber) or using an existing database. Fortunately there’s a quick hack which makes lets you skip WordPress’ […]

Ruby-on-rails: deleting all data from a table

During development, you might find yourself needing to delete everything from a specific database table to refresh your data. You could drop the whole database and bring it back up again with rake:db:drop, rake:db:setup, but that’s slow and indiscriminate. Instead, boot up a console and call delete_all on your model: % rails c > Advisory.count […]

Not for profits and ‘digital’

I went to Barcamp NFP a couple of weeks ago. It was incredibly refreshing to see so many people working so hard to bring their organisations up to speed and to share things that work with each other. A special word of thanks to Laila (@spirals) for organising such a fantastic day. On a personal […]

Barcamp NotForProfits

This Thursday is BarcampNFP, and we’re going along to talk about doing digital properly. We’ve had lots of these conversations with digital teams recently. Last week, Lily went to a department to give an informal talk about how to build the best product for your users by starting with research and testing what you build. […]

Civil Servants are people too

Working at dxw for the past year has introduced me to the phrase “special little snowflake”, usually preceded by “no-one is a…”. This covers most projects that I come across, but it isn’t to say that there aren’t large and important specificities to problems. More often than not, if you’re looking at the same problem […]


Harry and Alex were at SPRINT14 this week. It’s the Government Digital Service’s annual show and tell for broader government, showing what’s been achieved and laying out the direction of travel for the next year. Throughout the day, it was incredibly encouraging to see how seriously Government is taking the transformation of digital services. We […]