GovSite is a ready-to-use service we developed to help public sector teams with small budgets or tight deadlines get a working website quickly. It doesn’t require any development and is securely hosted and maintained on our ISO27001 accredited cloud platform. This means the teams using it can focus on creating and publishing engaging content while we look after the rest. It’s flexible and customisable, so you can begin writing your content as soon as we’ve added your branding.

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GovPress is a cloud platform for public sector WordPress websites. It’s built specifically for public sector organisations, with top-notch security and easy access to expert help from people who understand how you work. We brought together our years of hosting experience to offer a secure, robust and easily-scalable service that you and your users can rely on.

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Whippet-Server is a lightweight tool we’ve built for local development. It launches a stand-alone web server for a specific WordPress installation and makes WordPress easier to develop. For example, Whippet-Server adds lots of debug information to the terminal without cluttering up or breaking your templates. It provides plenty of feedback to help diagnose errors.

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dxw security

We make sure that the websites we build and the plugins they use are secure. We publish information about that work on our security site. Before we use any plugin we inspect and assess it carefully to make sure that there’s nothing that will compromise security in any way. We recommend plugins based on these inspections and the routine reviews that we carry out. We also carry out audits and penetration testing on established websites, even if we don’t host them.

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