Operating a safe and secure service is a priority for any public sector organisation. We take security seriously and never compromise on assurance.

Some of the sites we host use WordPress and we have lots of experience with making our sites more secure. We routinely perform audits, code reviews and penetration testing so we can identify vulnerabilities and mitigate against risks that our clients face.

Assurance services we offer

Plugin code reviews

Before we install any plugin on a site, we carry out a short, targeted code review to assess the plugin code’s quality and the problems it might contain.

Security audits

Our WordPress audits interrogate sites to provide a variety of useful assurance information about users, code, changes, versions, sites, themes and more.

Penetration testing

Penetration tests replicate the activities you might find in a concerted attack. They’re help you find the issues an attacker would uncover, so that you can fix them

We publish all outcomes of plugin reviews and advisories on