Discovery and usability testing

Some of our most successful web projects are ones which start with a thorough discovery phase, where we work with our client to understand any challenges, scope user and organisational needs through user stories and design a technical brief together that would address all of these.

 It’s time well spent. We run a number of types of workshops and information gathering sessions with a range of stakeholders—including current and potential users from inside and outside of the client organisation—to draw out practical insights within a short timeframe.

Sometimes, our clients find that they need to step back and look at their overall digital strategy before determining their exact website needs. We help shape strategy by offering good advice, based on our experience and constantly evolving technical know-how.

What's involved?

Card sorting sessions

Card sorts help you understand how users see your content, so you can produce pragmatic and effective information architectures and page structure.

Feedback and focus groups

We talk to groups of users to get feedback on designs, functionality, concepts and entire websites. We can also run similar sessions on a one-to-one basis.

Lab testing

Lab based testing helps us to understand user hesitations or difficulties in depth. Users complete a set of tasks while being filmed, so that we can see how they get on.

Ethnographic research

We can run ethnographic research, using observation, video diaries, photographs and contextual interviews as users go about their daily routine.

Web stats review

We can examine web stats to find patterns of user behaviour and set up new ways to measure user journeys, giving you evidence to guide your work.