Hosting that you can trust to power and secure your service, even under pressure, is vital. We provide hosting for many of the services that we build, focussing on providing a robust, secure and cost-effective solution.

We’ve used our experience of hosting high profile public sector WordPress sites to develop our own cloud-based hosting platform, GovPress. It’s available as a service on the digital marketplace exclusively for public sector WordPress websites.

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GovPress has top-notch security and falls within dxw’s ISO27001 certification. It’s a robust and easily-scalable service where you only pay for what you use. It comes with easy access to expert help from people who understand how you work, and continuous monitoring and daily backups.

GovPress is used by organisations across the public sector, including the Government Digital Service, NHS England, Ministry of Justice and the Department of Health.

Flexible Support

GovPress has a variety of support options.

If you’d like us to take care of everything, from server maintenance to plugin updates, then one of our managed support plans will have you covered. Or, if you prefer to manage your site in-house and have a technical team, then our unmanaged hosting plan may be the one for you.

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