The UKGovWeb Teacamp

On Thursday, we ran this month’s UKGovWeb Teacamp — a strangely named event that brings together civil servants and contractors working in e-comms and digital engagement with each other, and anyone else who’s interested and wants to come along to talk about government and the web.

People at the Teacamp

This month, Jenny came along to talk to people about monitoring online news stories using free online tools. It turns out that iGoogle, in comination with Google Reader and Google News, can provide a fairly powerful solution for monitoring news. It can pull in stories based on complex searches, display them, allow them to be shared with a team and flagged for further action. She’s even got it set up to send subject-specific emails containing relevant content to different business areas within the department. Cool stuff.

About 40 people turned up to meet, network and listen to Jenny, which was great. Next month, Tom Steinberg, the Director of MySociety, will be along to talk about something. This will doubtless be very interesting.

We’ll be there — do join us if you can, at Cafe Zest on the top floor of House of Fraser on Victoria St on the 2nd April.