Our people

We work in multidisciplinary teams, bringing together the skills and experience needed for each project.

Harry Metcalfe Managing Director

Harry Metcalfe


David Mann

David Mann

Managing Director

Commercial Operations

Poss Apostolou

Chief Operating Officer

Jayne Hilditch

Finance Director

Saul Cozens

Head of Northern Operations | #dxwNorth

Leanne Garvie

Leanne Garvie

Finance Manager

Gurpreet Kataria

Commercial Manager

Vanessa Montgomery Williams

People Manager

Rebecca Hodges

Business Support Manager | #dxwNorth

Liam Hooker

People & Commercial Administrator

Roisin McArdle Holmes

Executive Assistant

Lindon Thaqi

Front of house office coordinator

Charlotte Boundy

Executive Assistant

Marketing and Sales

Wendy Coello

Director of Marketing & Communications


Regan Katerenchuk

Marketing and Communications Executive

Louise Duffy

Editor and Creative Writer

Adam Maddison

Director of Client Services

Alex Farley - Business Development Manager

Alex Farley

Business Development Manager

Andrew Wallace User Researcher

Andrew Wallace

Bid Manager


Coca Rivas Interim Head of Research

Coca Rivas

Director of Strategy and Service Design

Alex Yedigaroff

Transformation Manager

Sharon Dale

Transformation Manager | #dxwNorth

Daria Kwiatkowska

Service Designer

Leanne Coker

Service Designer

Marcia Rankin-Smith

Transformation Manager

Delivery and Product

Clare Young - Head of Delivery

Clare Young

Director of Delivery

Niall Booth

Delivery Lead

Alex Jackson

Delivery Lead

Chris Pugh

Delivery Lead | #dxwNorth

Isobel Croot Delivery Manager

Isobel Croot

Delivery Lead

Farrah Farhoudi

Associate Delivery Lead

Kath Cooper

Associate Delivery Lead

Ert Erol

Lead Product Manager

Lucy Taylor

Product Manager

Richard Norris

Delivery Lead

User Research

John Waterworth

Head of User Research

Hilary Chan

Senior User Researcher

Vita Mangan

Senior User Researcher

Marianne Brierley

Senior User Researcher | #dxwNorth

Amy Phillips Trainee User Researcher

Amy Marie Phillips

User Researcher

Samantha Obioha User Researcher

Samantha Obioha

User Researcher

Katherine Glaubius

User Researcher

Adam Duell

User Researcher

Elaine Martel

User Researcher | #dxwNorth

Technology - Design and Development

Dominic Baggott Head of Technology

Dominic Baggott

Chief Technology Officer

Gaz Aston

Lead Designer

Agz Deberny - Designer Developer

Agz Deberny


Ming Chan


Israt Choudhury


Richard Cooley

Designer | #dxwNorth

Tom Hipkin

Senior Developer

Ed Davey Senior Developer

Ed Davey

Senior Developer

James Coglan

Senior Developer

Mallory Adams


Cristina Rotaru


Robert (Leeky) Lee-Cann


Laura Porter


Meyric Rawlings Designer Developer

Meyric Rawlings


Rob Skilling


Robbie Paul

Developer | #dxwNorth




Stuart Harrison


James Smith

Technical Architect

Lawrence Forooghian


Nick Jackson

Developer | #dxwNorth

Technology - Technical Operations

Lee Maguire

Head of Technical Operations

bob walker System Operations Engineer​

Bob Walker

Senior Operations Engineer

Chris Wright

Operations Engineer

Olivia Campbell

Junior Operations Engineer