Our people

We work in multidisciplinary teams, bringing together the skills and experience needed for each project

2 women working in office

Chief Executive Officer

Delivery and Product

  • Clare Young

    Clare Young

    Director of Delivery | she/her

  • Alex Yedigaroff

    Alex Yedigaroff

    Head of Product and Performance

  • Anikó Gaál

    Anikó Gaál

    Delivery Lead

  • Ben Whitfield-Heap

    Ben Whitfield-Heap

    Senior Product Manager

  • Ben Miller

    Ben Miller

    Associate Delivery Lead

  • Catriona Brown

    Catriona Brown

    Associate Delivery Lead | she/her

  • Chris Pugh

    Chris Pugh

    Delivery Principal | he/him

  • Eliza Tyrrell

    Eliza Tyrrell

    Senior Business Analyst

  • Farrah Farhoudi

    Farrah Farhoudi

    Delivery Lead | she/her

  • Joseph Lewis Reid

    Joseph Lewis Reid

    Senior Product Manager | they/them

  • Kath Cooper

    Kath Cooper

    Delivery Principal | Employee Trustee | she/her

  • Laura Paine

    Laura Paine

    Delivery Lead | she/her

  • Lauren Walsh

    Lauren Walsh

    Delivery Lead

  • Lola Harre

    Lola Harre

    Senior Product Manager

  • Melissa Hernandez

    Melissa Hernandez

    Performance Analyst | she/her

  • Niall Booth

    Niall Booth

    Head of Delivery | he/him

  • Rebecca Stagg

    Rebecca Stagg

    Delivery Lead

  • Vicky Hallam

    Vicky Hallam

    Delivery Lead | she/her

  • Yasmine Ahmed

    Yasmine Ahmed

    Delivery Lead


  • Coca Rivas

    Coca Rivas

    Director of Design | she/her

  • Alex Edwards

    Alex Edwards

    Interaction Designer | she/her

  • Alex Nisbett

    Alex Nisbett

    Head of Service Design

  • Alice Richardson

    Alice Richardson

    User Researcher | she/her

  • Anthony Malley

    Anthony Malley

    Interaction Designer

  • Beth Dixon

    Beth Dixon

    Interaction Designer | she/her

  • Calum Ryan

    Calum Ryan

    Interaction Designer | he/him

  • Chanel Diep

    Chanel Diep

    Content Designer | she/her

  • Chanelle Pal

    Chanelle Pal

    Senior Interaction Designer

  • Chris Sutton

    Chris Sutton

    Senior User Researcher | he/him

  • Elaine Martel

    Elaine Martel

    Senior User Researcher

  • Etain Ní Fhearghail

    Etain Ní Fhearghail

    Content Designer | she/her

  • Frances-Mary Ukpokolo

    Frances-Mary Ukpokolo

    User Researcher

  • Gaz Aston

    Gaz Aston

    Head of Interaction Design | he/him

  • Georgina Collin

    Georgina Collin

    Design Researcher | she/her

  • Harry Scott-Trimblw

    Harry Scott-Trimblw

    Principal Interaction Designer

  • Iain MacDonald

    Iain MacDonald

    Interaction Designer

  • Isobel Seacombe

    Isobel Seacombe

    Senior Service Designer

  • Israt Choudhury

    Israt Choudhury

    Senior Interaction Designer

  • Joanna Evans

    Joanna Evans

    Senior User Researcher | she/her

  • John Waterworth

    John Waterworth

    Principal Researcher | he/him

  • Kira Dhaliwal

    Kira Dhaliwal

    User Researcher

  • Louise Duffy

    Louise Duffy

    Content Design Principal | she/her

  • Marianne Brierley

    Marianne Brierley

    Service Design Lead | she/her

  • Ming Chan

    Ming Chan

    Principal Interaction Designer

  • Morrighan Humpleby

    Morrighan Humpleby

    Service Designer | she/her

  • Nina Belk

    Nina Belk

    Lead User Researcher

  • Ruxandra Popescu

    Ruxandra Popescu

    User Researcher

  • Selina Mahar

    Selina Mahar

    Content Designer | she/her

  • Simon Lowe

    Simon Lowe

    User Researcher | he/him

  • Steph Troeth

    Steph Troeth

    Head of Research | she/her

  • Zuleima Morgado

    Zuleima Morgado

    User Researcher | she/they


  • James Darling

    James Darling

    Director of Technology | he/him

  • Adam Hughes

    Adam Hughes

    Lead Technologist

  • Cristina Rotaru

    Cristina Rotaru

    Developer | she/her

  • Dan Livings

    Dan Livings


  • David McKee

    David McKee


  • Ed Davey

    Ed Davey

    Lead Developer

  • George Eaton

    George Eaton

    Senior Developer | he/him

  • Harriet Horobin-Worley

    Harriet Horobin-Worley

    Senior Developer

  • James Smith

    James Smith

    Lead Technologist | he/him

  • Joseph Kempster

    Joseph Kempster


  • Joseph Dudley

    Joseph Dudley

    Principal Technologist

  • Laura Porter

    Laura Porter

    Senior Developer | she/he

  • Liz Daly

    Liz Daly

    Developer | she/her

  • Lorna


    Junior Developer | they/them

  • Meyric Rawlings

    Meyric Rawlings

    Senior Developer | he/him

  • Nick Jackson

    Nick Jackson

    Senior Developer | he/him

  • Nicky Thompson

    Nicky Thompson

    Principal Technologist | she/her

  • Patrick Fleming

    Patrick Fleming

    Developer | he/him

  • Rich James

    Rich James

    Developer | he/him

  • Sara Gowen

    Sara Gowen

    Senior Developer

  • Stuart Harrison

    Stuart Harrison

    Lead Developer | he/him

  • Suze Huldt

    Suze Huldt

    Support Developer

  • Timothy Hill

    Timothy Hill

    Lead Technologist

  • Tom Hipkin

    Tom Hipkin

    Lead Developer | he/him

  • Ynda Jas

    Ynda Jas

    Developer | they/them


  • Alex Farley

    Alex Farley

    Head of GovPress | he/him

  • Barry Richards

    Barry Richards

    Frontend developer/designer

  • Brent Cunningham

    Brent Cunningham

    WordPress Support Engineer | he/him

  • Georgie Moores

    Georgie Moores

    Associate Delivery Lead | Staff council member | she/her

  • James Keasley

    James Keasley

    Developer | he/him

  • Matthew Passmore

    Matthew Passmore

    Projects Lead Developer | he/him

  • Matty Maxwell

    Matty Maxwell

    Helpdesk & Account Manager | he/him

  • Patrick Delaney

    Patrick Delaney

    Apprentice Developer

  • Rob Skilling

    Rob Skilling

    Platform Lead Developer | he/him

  • Sarah Mount

    Sarah Mount

    Engineering Manager

  • Serena Piccioni

    Serena Piccioni

    Senior Developer | she/her

  • Sim Brody

    Sim Brody

    Developer | he/him


Technical Operations

  • bob walker

    bob walker

    Head of Technical Operations | they/them or he/him

  • Ash Davies

    Ash Davies

    Operations Engineer

  • Chris Wright

    Chris Wright

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Lee Maguire

    Lee Maguire

    Senior Operations Engineer

  • Matt Sandford

    Matt Sandford

    Workplace Technology Lead

  • Olivia Campbell

    Olivia Campbell

    Junior Operations Engineer

Commercial Operations

  • Poss Apostolou

    Poss Apostolou

    Chief Operating Officer | he/him

  • Becs Hodges

    Becs Hodges

    Operations Lead | she/her

  • Charlotte Kelsall

    Charlotte Kelsall

    Executive Assistant/Office Manager

  • Emily Westcott

    Emily Westcott

    Project Coordinator | she/her

  • Gurpreet Kataria

    Gurpreet Kataria

    Commercial Operations Lead | he/him

  • Jayne Hilditch

    Jayne Hilditch

    Finance Director | she/her

  • Jenny Watkinson

    Jenny Watkinson

    Marketing and Communications Manager | she/her

  • John Cranney

    John Cranney

    Bid Manager

  • Kate Bleakley

    Kate Bleakley

    Finance Manager

  • Leanne Garvie

    Leanne Garvie

    Finance Manager | she/her

  • Liam Hooker

    Liam Hooker

    Associate Commercial Manager | he/him

  • Nicola Johnson

    Nicola Johnson

    Senior People Partner | she/her

  • Nikki Richardson

    Nikki Richardson

    Account Manager | she/her

  • Pauline Golden

    Pauline Golden

    Head of People | she/her

  • Rina Maniar

    Rina Maniar

    Senior Talent Partner

  • Sam Cooper

    Sam Cooper

    People Administrator | she/her

Marketing and Sales

  • Alex Jackson

    Alex Jackson

    Director of Client Services

  • Wendy Coello

    Wendy Coello

    Director of Marketing & Communications | she/her

  • Andrew Wallace

    Andrew Wallace

    Head of Sales

  • Dawn Kofie

    Dawn Kofie

    Senior Content Designer and Editor | she/her

  • Kevin Marshall

    Kevin Marshall

    Client Principal

  • Rowena Habadah

    Rowena Habadah

    Sales Operations Executive

Chair of Trustees and Non-Executive Director