dxw blog

Building happy and healthy product teams

An overview of how we assess the health of mature product teams at dxw. We’ll share what we’ve learned and when the right time to do this is. Plus the secret of it all – conversation is equally, if not more, valuable than tangible outputs.

Our guides on delivery

To balance the need for flexibility against the need for consistency, our delivery leads have created a handful of guides to help on projects.

2019 at dxw

2019 has been a great year for dxw. I wanted to write this post to reflect on the team’s achievements and look forward to 2020.

South Korean delegates visit dxw

We recently had a delegation from the South Korean government visiting our London office. They wanted to find out from us about our experiences of the G-cloud framework so that they can plan their own version. 

The less obvious skills you need to be a better researcher

No, I won’t be talking about curiosity and empathy. These words have been so overused in the research and design community that they’ve lost meaning. At least to me. They’re up there with buzzwords like sense-making. So unless you’ll figure out what that means for you in practice, focus on other soft skills. And that’s what I’ll do in this post.