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A new MD for dxw digital

It’s ten years since I founded dxw. In that time, we’ve grown from humble beginnings to a full-fledged team of 40 brilliant developers, designers, product managers, delivery leads, user researchers, operations engineers and leaders. As the scope and scale of dxw’s work has evolved, I have found myself drawn to the more strategic challenges that […]

Introducing Kimmy

A little bit about myself and why I chose dxw…   Hi, I’m Kimmy,  dxw’s new Business Operations Intern. Having recently entered the workplace after spending time looking after my father, I am now branching out as an intern at dxw. I have found that the work I do with dxw suits me well, the […]

dxw’s Introduction to Kanban Workshop

Introduction to Kanban Workshop Last week, I attended dxw’s “Introduction to Kanban” workshop as part of my internship to learn about the revolutionary workflow management technique spearheaded by Toyota. “Kanban” in our context is an agile development method that allows development teams more control over the production of their product. Workshop Aims Aiming to introduce […]

Collectively defining our user research principles

Why we did it At dxw, all user researchers have different personal, academic and professional backgrounds. This diversity makes us better as a team. We have a strong collective capability, allowing us to successfully take on a variety of challenging projects, to have more impact and deliver better outcomes in the public sector. We work […]

Introducing Amy Marie Phillips

My story so far… Having finished my master’s degree at 34, I’m what you would call a career changer. I began in print journalism, which is great fun, but a very different content model now. Journalism showed me how much I enjoy interacting with the public and telling their stories, which is the right ethos […]

Introducing Dominic Baggott

Hi, I’m Dom, and a couple of weeks ago I joined dxw as Head of Technology. I’ve been contracting for the best part of a decade, working with clients in both the public and private sector for anywhere between six weeks and 18 months. Some of my most rewarding roles in that time have been […]

6 years, 4 job titles, 3 offices, 1 great company

Six years is an unusual amount of time to spend working for the same company these days – more so when that company works with technology. The thing is, my time at dxw has really been like working for a number of different companies. These days we have a well-developed recruitment process involving an application […]

Learning from gamers to improve the Show and Tell experience

We’re currently working on a project with the Crown Commercial Service to build a new digital service for gathering management information from suppliers who do business through government frameworks. At the end of every sprint, we hold a Show & Tell session to report back on our findings and receive feedback. We invite stakeholders from […]

Today I Learnt

Carrying on from previous blog posts we would like to share with you all the things we have been learning from our day to day working lives. Using Slack for our internal communications at dxw, we often pick up little hints and tips that can go some way to helping make our lives a little […]

Using Docker for Dashboards at dxw

The dxw office is full of screens: on the desks, on the walls, everywhere. The ones on the walls show useful information: who’s working on what, the health of various sites and services, and data visualisations. Because these things have grown organically over time, they’re awkward to manage. They are all written in different languages […]