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When Rails met the GOV.UK Frontend…

I love working with Rails and the GOVUK Frontend (the implementation of the GOVUK Design system) and have built lots of services with them. Although it hasn’t always been smooth sailing for them as a couple. With the release of Rails 6, I was keen to see whether using Webpacker (enabled by default in Rails 6) would make the relationship any smoother.

Why monitoring affordable homes is so important

We’ve built an affordable homes monitoring service that tracks the affordable homes agreed during the planning process. We’ve written about the benefits of this service which can be categorised as policy benefits, transparency benefits, and efficiency benefits.

Building happy and healthy product teams

An overview of how we assess the health of mature product teams at dxw. We’ll share what we’ve learned and when the right time to do this is. Plus the secret of it all – conversation is equally, if not more, valuable than tangible outputs.

Our guides on delivery

To balance the need for flexibility against the need for consistency, our delivery leads have created a handful of guides to help on projects.