Introducing Poss Apostolou

Hi, I’m Poss and the Head of Commercial Operations here at dxw. I provide guidance to both dxw and client teams to help them build better public services. This is my introductory post, it’s about 3 months’ late (sorry!) so it might also include some early reflections of my move from the public to private […]

Introducing Hilary

Hello, I’m Hilary, the newest user researcher to join dxw. Before joining dxw, I led the UX writing team and managed the digital help service for a global eReading company. I wore several hats during my tenure including product owner, editor-in-chief, and of course, user researcher. After years of working on product and content strategy […]

What do we do to make dxw a great place to work?

I’m really chuffed that we won the Best Place to Work (SME) award at the Digital Tech Leaders Awards last week. At the awards dinner, one of our dining companions asked why dxw is a good place to work. I think the answer has two parts. The principles I believe that a team does its […]

Introducing Gaz…

Hey. I’m Gaz, and I’ve recently joined dxw as a designer and front-end developer. I’m here because I believe technology can bring about real change. I’m enthusiastic about rapid prototyping, simplicity, learning, and collaboration. In previous roles, I worked on fully-fledged production applications, prototypes to demonstrate and validate ideas, and internal tools to improve the […]

Bridging the geek/policy wonk divide

Last week I was at One Team Government, an event to bring together digital teams and policy folk to talk about how to make government more effective. I went to a fascinating session, suggested by @jargonautical, about the digital geek/policy wonk divide. It’s a pattern I’ve often seen, especially in security and assurance work. People […]

Making the Most of Digital Social Innovation (DSI) at London Tech Week

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to land a ticket for the ‘Making the Most of Digital Social Innovation’ session being run as part of London Tech Week. Taking place at Nesta, the two panels focused on how organisations are using digital social innovation (DSI) to provide new ways to deliver public services and […]

Today I learned (or learnt!)…

Today I learned – TIL We have a Slack channel, which I’m sure most of you have, which is dedicated to sharing cool hints and tips that we have found out during our working day.  This is the TIL channel and it sometimes throws up some pretty useful things as well as some pretty obvious […]

My first week at dxw

Without wanting to sound like I’m attending an AA meeting – Hi I’m Jane and this is my first week at dxw as Marketing and Communities Manager 🙂 The last time I was working within the public sector sphere was way back in 1999 for The Home Office’s Communication Directorate, and it’s safe to say […]