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  • My aspirations for dxw’s future

    I hope that this change to employee ownership will usher in a new stage in dxw’s story. One where our structures of ownership, control, and governance align with our culture and our public service ethos.

  • dxw is now owned by its employees

    dxw’s directors and I have signed the papers to make dxw into an Employee Owned Trust (EOT), putting its future into the hands of its staff.

  • Digital procurement opportunities and how to improve them: notes from the 3rd DOS CoP

    Problems with Digital Outcomes and Specialists opportunities: practical things buyers can do to make things easier for supplier and get better bids

  • A new MD for dxw

    It’s ten years since I founded dxw. In that time, we’ve grown from humble beginnings to a full-fledged team of 40 brilliant developers, designers, product managers, delivery leads, user researchers, operations engineers and leaders. As the scope and scale of dxw’s work has evolved, I have found myself drawn to the more strategic challenges that […]

  • Two thoughts and a plea: reflections on #AgileP

    I spent the morning at Agile Procurement 1.0, a short unconference set up by @rachel0404 and @gogoagilegov. It was a fun morning, with lots of interesting people and good conversation. But, as often with these events, I left wondering what we can actually do to effect some change. @janethughes in her usual inimitable style left […]

  • dxw launches cyber

    2018 will be a big year for dxw. In June, we’ll be ten years old. We’ve learned a lot about how to get things done in the public sector in that time. We want to improve users’ experience of government, and help government teams work differently. But building great digital services is only part of […]