Weekly roundup 30/5/14

Here is what your friendly dxwers have been reading and sharing this week.

  • 5 ways to help user research work better in agile
    Agile is built for speed and a process like user research doesn’t always move quickly. Here the GDS team share some tips on combining the two.
  • Hide your header on scroll – Headroom.js
    Neat JS widget that hides your site’s header when scrolling down, and then makes it reappear when the user scrolls back up again.
  • Multi-Screen Resources – Google
    Google and Answerlab got together to research how people use the web on mobile devices, and produced this great resource detailing 25 principles of mobile site design.
  • Why link shorteners hurt the web
    Now Twitter shortens your URLs for you, link shorteners aren’t really needed for tweets, especially when they create vast chains of links, forwarding the user through several different services before they end up where they wanted to be.
  • Improving the Plugins page
    Some interesting ideas on how to make the user experience on the WordPress plugin management page a bit better.
  • The Internet with a Human Face
    Not just a fascinating read on the future of the Internet but also an exemplar of how to present a conference talk online. Really good stuff.