Weekly roundup 6/6/14

Here is what your friendly dxwers have been reading and sharing this week.

  • Beta localgov sites June 2014 – jumoo blog
    A handy and interesting list of all the beta, or in-development, sites that local authorities are building and testing with users.
  • ICA Presentation: Big Data and Public Opinion
    Interesting work on how the big data from social media and other sources can reveal to researchers what the public thinks about current events
  • Documattic
    A helpful Github repository from the WordPress.com VIP team with loads of documents and presentations that can be shared and reused under a creative commons licence.
  • Security is nuanced
    WordPress lead dev Andrew Nacin explains why it’s a good idea to have a chat with the developers of software if you think you’ve found a security hole, rather than just immediately shouting about it on the Internet.
  • Digesting WWDC: cloudy
    Ben Evans provides a great summary of the latest cloud based stuff on its way from Apple.
  • Australia wants Drupal-based gov-wide CMS
    Simon Dickson reports on Australia choosing the open source Drupal CMS for a pan-government platform. Not WordPress, sadly.