Hello World – I’m Nina..

..and I’m the newest developer working for dxw.

I love the idea of helping to improve public services. After doing a masters degree in contemporary history and political science I worked for NGOs in Switzerland and abroad.

These experiences made me realise how important a careful balance between public and private sector is. In the last decade the private sector has set a fast pace in the digital world. At the moment, some private sector companies are so good at digital that they have a lot of influence over public policy and opinion. I think it’s crucial for public services to keep up to that pace and create good user experiences. By providing good digital public services government can help maintain that balance between public and private, which is important for democracies. GOV.UK can only work as the best place to find government information if people use it. If it’s easier to ask on Facebook, that’s what people will do, even if they get the wrong answers.

I discovered the coding world two years ago and love every bit of it so far. Well maybe not so much the moments where the screen is full of bugs, but I love the moment after a successful battle through broken code – this is a truly amazing feeling.

I recently graduated from a web development immersive course, where along with expanding my front-end skills, I built some web apps using Ruby on Rails. However, the most important thing I’ve learned as a developer is not a shiny nice tool or a new library, but the fact that coding is a never-ending learning experience.

I’m really looking forward to my journey with dxw and being surrounded by all these passionate people providing the best possible digital service for the public.