Introducing Leanne

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Leanne. I joined the dxw team a few weeks ago as the office administrator. I have come from a varied background of working for Lloyds TSB (when that was still a thing), Sage Software up in Newcastle (where the football is sad) and 6 years working for a fitness company as a finance monkey/general know-it-all about officey things.

Outside of the office, I can mostly be found playing sports and cycling around London as well as a healthy appetite for socialising and learning all there is about anything that sparks my imagination (this makes me rather good at pub quizzes).

For the dxw team, I am hoping to keep the sodastream running, the coffee machine well maintained and the office full of cake. Aside from those important tasks I will hopefully be doing all the finance wizardry, helping everyone to accomplish their daily missions, learning everything I can about website development and preventing any potential zombie attacks.

Why tech?

The Hallowed Roundabout has intrigued me since I moved to the area and I have met many people over the past two years who have encouraged me to take my first tentative steps into this exciting and fascinating industry. I was drawn to this role and this company in particular, not only by the lure of the sodastream, but also the honest and disarming nature of the company website which just sets out a clear goal; let’s all work together to do a really good job so we can all go home content with what we achieved.

dxw love

I am looking forward to getting properly stuck into my new role within this lovely work environment. I have only been here three weeks but I can already see the commitment and passion that everyone has about the company and the work they produce as well as their sense of humour, welcoming ways and a fondness of confectionery.