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3 years ago we launched a product called Citrulu. It monitored live websites to check that they were working as expected. The idea was to go one better than simple uptime monitoring (which just checks that a site successfully responds with something) by letting users describe what their site looks like when it’s working, in natural language using a Gherkin-inspired syntax.

After 3 years we’ve decided to shut it down.

Citrulu was our first attempt at creating a product at dxw and quickly became far more complicated than we’d anticipated. We still think there’s a good idea in there somewhere, but we weren’t able to justify the time and effort required to make the genuinely useful product we had envisioned.

We’ve open-sourced the application code on github: https://github.com/dxw/citrulu

If you were a Citrulu user and you’d like us to send you your data from the system, please let us know by emailing contact@citrulu.com (we’ll keep that offer open until the end of 2015)

What’s next?

We have recently launched MongooseWP – security alerts for your WordPress site. You can sign up at www.mongoosewp.com and follow us on twitter: @mongoosewp

(Citrulu was live from March 2012 to July 2015)

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