Hello MongooseWP

We have recently launched MongooseWP – an email subscription service to alert website developers to security vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins.

It’s unfortunately very common for WordPress plugins to have vulnerabilities. As part of our managed hosting service we review plugins for security issues. We’ve found that over half of the plugins we’ve tested to date contain serious security vulnerabilities.

Most vulnerabilities are published online, but they’re almost always written specifically for a technical audience, and there’s no one place where they are reliably collected together.

With MongooseWP, we monitor lots of sources of vulnerabilities, filter for the ones which are related to WordPress plugins, and write descriptions which can be understood by non-technical users.

By giving your team the information they need to take action, MongooseWP can significantly reduce the chances you’ll be hacked – at minimal cost.

You can sign up at www.mongoosewp.com and follow us on twitter: @mongoosewp