Mince Pies at the ready!

At dxw, we take our Christmas party preparations quite seriously! The wine has been ordered and will be mulled for 4 hours on the day by our resident hot wine expert, Leanne. We choose some fine cheese and biscuits and are even stretching to a bit of hot food this year. Nothing, however, is as important in these preparations as getting the best mince pie of the season.

The annual Mince Pie Tasting occurred on Monday (to give plenty of time for the winner to be purchased in bulk). A selection from the major supermarkets had been procured, a scorecard created covering Taste, Crust, Filling and the overall score. The specialists assembled, with water glasses at the ready to cleanse their palates and the tasting commenced!

The data was then collated and we had a winner! Strangely Waitrose managed to produce the best and worst mince pie of 2016 – the cheaper of the two options being far nicer than the Premium variety.