10 years and counting

June saw the 10th birthday of dxw, but July sees the 10th iteration of the G-cloud framework (G-10), one of the most successful programmes to come out from the Cabinet Office.

Those of you who joined our 10th birthday celebrations will know that our mission remains the same. We are still committed to helping the public sector build great digital services. The challenge as we move into our next year is doing this at scale so that we have an even greater impact on the public sector and contribute more to the wider transformation of the public sector.

This is part of our motivation with opening an office in Leeds, and one of the reasons for setting up dxw cyber (now Tradecraft).

With the launch of the new G-cloud framework earlier this month, we have an opportunity to expand our portfolio of cloud-based services and help build public sector capability.

For G-10, we’ve launched nine services in total, seven of which are new, providing disaggregation of the services we offer to be more focused and based on our past experience and feedback when working with new clients. These include a multi-site platform to help public sector teams communicate with their users and colleagues better.  At the same time, we continue to offer services to support public sector teams to implement cloud solutions or to help them better understand how cloud services can support their digital objectives.

Container Hosting

Another new service under G-Cloud is our secure, scalable container hosting in UK data centres.  As with our GovPress platform, this will come with full technical support and a choice of managed support plans based on the needs of public sector teams. We’ve drawn upon our public sector expertise, to develop our managed support capability and I’m excited this has now expanded to include container hosting.

Lastly, it’ll be remiss of me not to acknowledge two (fairly) new members of staff, who have are the brains behind our latest suite of G-Cloud services. Alex, – our business development manager,  for doing a ton of research to identify them, and Gurps, our new commercial manager – for ensuring our offerings were compliant and submitted to the digital marketplace. I’m sure you’ll hear more from them in the not too distant future!