Introducing Ert

Hello everyone!

My name is Ert, and last month I joined dxw as a product manager.

I had an amazing first day, and was spoiled with loads of warm welcome messages, gifts and heaps of interesting conversations. You can tell so much about the company culture on your first day, and I must say I was super impressed!

The office is friendly, bright and just has a vibe to it that makes you relax when you walk in. I got to meet some of my colleagues, and they too are very friendly and smiley.

Enough about dxw (!), and more about me.

My story

I’ve worked for the public sector for about four years, in different digital roles. I’ve worked in delivery management, service design, and product management, which I’ve found to be my true passion in digital.

I was lucky enough to sample most big civil service departments and got plenty of exposure to the health and education sectors specifically.

I was also a Lead Assessor in GDS Service Assessments until I left the public sector.

Before that, I was a researcher for the BBC, and also completed my PhD in International Relations, which was more challenging than anything I worked on in the past five years.

Outside of work

I love ANYTHING that is related to Lord of the Rings and the works of J.R.R Tolkien (yup, quite geeky). I am really into travelling, going to the gym for group classes, and tasting different types of coffee blends.

I’ve also got a 2-year-old French Bulldog who is keeping me and my partner pretty busy.