Introducing Steph

Hi, I’m Steph. I have been working at dxw as the Office Assistant for 8 weeks now and loving every part of it!

I’m thinking back to my very first day when I came into the office and found a computer screen filled with warm welcome notes from the dxw team. I had never experienced anything like this before and it was very touching!

Previously, I had always worked in customer service in offices and retail. Digital technology is new to me, and while working at dxw, I’m hoping to gain a better understanding of it.  It’s a different world from what I’ve done before, so it will be a great learning experience while I grow as an office assistant. I’m hoping that this role can lead me to new opportunities within the company.

My partner and friends always joke that I am their personal assistants since I’m obsessed with efficiency and organisation. This makes this role perfect for me. I’m looking forward to keeping the office organised and making new changes to maintain a happy workplace. I want to be the person that if anyone needs anything in the office they know they can come to me and I would be able to help!

One of the terms I picked up on soon after joining dxw is the word agile and ‘working in an agile way’. I learned how to develop an agile working method which has assisted me in the office and in day-to-day life. Working with an agile methodology has greatly helped me while planning my wedding. Before, I would work flat out, have no time to assess what I had done and snowball if something went wrong. I now plan my wedding in short bursts where I action an idea, see how it works and evaluate it after a week which is helping me to be less stressed and avoid being a bridezilla!

I love working alongside this fantastic team who are helping me understand my role and find my feet. Without them, I would be lost – ha! I’m excited for what’s to come here at dxw.