Leading global procurement reform by sharing the lessons learned from the Digital Marketplace

At dxw, we’ve partnered with Oxford Insights, the Government Digital Service, the OECD and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for our first ever international project to explore how the United Kingdom can take the success of the Digital Marketplace and share those lessons globally. This project is part of a larger piece of work where the UK is leading information and communication technology procurement reform for the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Since 2014, the Digital Marketplace, as a singular platform for digital, data, and technology products and services for central government departments and public sector organisations has created an efficient and coordinated way to connect public sector organisations with the best-qualified suppliers to do the job that needs to be done. The core of the Digital Marketplace is a commitment to user-centred, design-led, data-driven and transparency in procurement and contracting. When buyers are clear about what they want, and suppliers are clear about what they can provide, everybody benefits.

It could also help to prevent corruption. The United Kingdom has set out an ambitious strategy to prevent corruption at home and abroad.  Global corruption is a cross-border concern with the United Kingdom well placed to lead on the global efforts alongside the OECD, to fight corruption by helping implement the Digital Marketplace programme internationally.

At dxw, we’re excited to be part of this international project. Figuring out how to bring the ethos of the Digital Marketplace to the world is no easy feat, but it all starts with having conversations with people who are immersed in digital, data and technology procurement in their home countries. We’ve already gathered a list of global participants from Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Mexico, just to name a few!

Be a part of our project!

We’re currently looking to speak to people who work in technological and digital procurement in the public sector (at both national and local levels), particularly those with mid-level to junior experience.

We’re running sessions from 4 – 12 October from 9am – 9pm (GMT). If you’re interested in taking part in the user research, please email globalmarketplace@dxw.com and include the name of your organisation, your role, and availability. Thank you!