NUX Leeds

NUX Leeds

We’re very pleased to announce that we are sponsoring the next 10 NUX Leeds events, supporting the amazing community activity in our new home in the North of England and developing our understanding of clients’ needs outside of London.

About NUX

NUX (Northern User Experience) is a group of enthusiasts who like to get together to talk about anything and everything to do with the user experience – sharing knowledge, sparking ideas and supporting each other. They’re non-charging, non-profit, non-egomaniacal, friendly people who like informal, sociable meetings that give them something to think about.

Creating an accessible organisational culture

The first event is taking place on Monday 26th November (6-8pm)  at Platform, with the theme being “Creating an accessible organisational culture”. This will be led by Clare Davidson, an inclusive designer for Sky with over 20 years’ experience working within the field of UX/UI and inclusive design for both agency and in-house teams. Clare will talk through the approach she is taking with the digital teams across Sky to change the culture of accessibility and to make sure that inclusive design is at the heart of all good software development.

Why we’re supporting NUX Leeds

As we grow beyond London and open our second office in Leeds, we want to be supportive and positive members of the local digital community. dxw has an open culture and we are always looking to share ideas, which makes NUX Leeds a great opportunity for us to learn from the great work that’s already happening.

At dxw, everything we do starts with user needs.

We believe that good design and development decisions need teams that understand why and how people use the service they’re building. Services that are built with reliable insights into users’ needs and behaviour are more inclusive, more effective and resilient in the long term.

We’re really looking forward to the first meetup and getting to know our new local community a little better!