Summer workshops at dxw

We want to share some of our practical skills, approaches, and thinking

Join us for our series of summer workshops at our London office in Shoreditch’s Hoxton Square. These will take place in the afternoons from 1-4pm. Each workshop focuses on one of the key skills or capabilities that form an important part of the mix in making transformation a reality in organisations across the public sector.

We’ve drawn on our latest experience and learning from working with local and central government, housing and health. We want to share some of the practical skills, approaches and thinking that we’re using to address the issues we regularly experience in our work with public sector teams. You’ll hear from some of our leading experts who have helped to deliver better public services over the past 10 years.

The workshops

Kicking off the summer series and in conjunction with London Tech Week, will be our cyber security workshop in which Harry Metcalfe, Founder of dxw and CEO of Tradecraft will be covering the basic processes and principles for establishing an effective security culture. 

Grab your early bird tickets for £45 plus VAT before 10th June!

June 13th: How to start being more secure (free as part of London Tech Week)

Harry Metcalfe, dxw Founder and CEO Tradecraft

June 20th: Making user research count

Hilary Chan and Vita Mangan, Senior User Researchers

June 25th: What makes a good roadmap?

Dave Mann, dxw Managing Director

July 4th: Incident response: failure happens, how you deal with it is important

Bob Walker, Senior Operations Engineer

July 11th: The new Government Service Standard and Local Digital Declaration: adopting design standards to improve the customer experience

Coca Rivas Director of Strategy and Service Design, Alex Yedigaroff Transformation Manager

July 18th: Prototyping for non-designers

Gaz Aston, Lead Designer

Why we’re doing this

Our aim is always to transfer skills and help build the capability of the teams we work with. We want organisations to be able to keep improving their services, and to make the efficiency savings that mean resources can be invested elsewhere in increasingly challenging circumstances. We’ve deliberately kept the costs of our workshops down to make sure they are accessible to as many people as possible.

Looking forward to seeing you there. Follow @dxw to keep up-to-date with our latest news.