Burn microsites, burn

One of the banes of most web team’s lives is the proliferation of microsites. They’re everywhere! For a while, every time a new project or service started up, a new website would be just around the corner. It’s understandable that people want to get the word out, harnessing the power of digital in communicating and engaging […]

WordPress 4.0 is on its way!

WordPress is a constantly evolving bit of software, and there is a major new revision just around the corner. Version 4.0 of WordPress is currently in beta, with a production release planned for August 2014. Here’s what you can expect: Media embed previews Finally! When embedding media in your posts – such as YouTube videos […]

James Cattell helps you to keep up to date with the .gov.uk blogs

One of our favourite projects at dxw is working with the GDS folks on the .gov.uk blog platform, which supports the blogging efforts of many different departments and individuals across government. There are all sorts of reasons why blogging is a good idea for people working in government: it provides a platform for instantly publishing […]

The joy of /feed/

RSS is a bit of the web’s plumbing that often is reported as dead or dying. It won’t go anywhere soon though because it’s just too useful. In short, RSS (usually read to stand for ‘really simple syndication’ although holy wars have been fought over this) provides a way of delivering the latest content from […]

Scheduling a post in WordPress

A simple one this, but something that quite a few people using WordPress have missed. Sometimes you want to schedule a post to be published at a time other than right now. There are a few reasons for that: you’re bulk writing posts at the weekend and want their publication to be spread over the […]

The dxw WordPress security plugin

Following up on recent posts by Duncan and myself on WordPress security, it’s probably about time I told you about the dxw WordPress security plugin. This plugin pulls in the data from the dxw WordPress plugin security reviews site, and embeds them in your site, right in the plugins page in your dashboard. This provides […]