My personal development journey at dxw digital

Where it all began I joined dxw in June 2017, about a year after graduating from university with a degree in Physiology. During that year I had a part time job in hospitality, did some travelling, and had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do career wise.  I came across dxw by chance when […]

Conference Perk: Tech Inclusion San Francisco

At dxw, one of the perks everyone gets is the opportunity to attend a conference annually. Farrah and I both wanted to make the most of our conference perk and go to a new place. We fancied going to something techy, so last month we headed to San Francisco. We began thinking about what we […]

My first three months at dxw

Thrown into the hustle and bustle at dxw from the get-go, my introductory blog post seems to have eluded me (I succeeded in avoiding it until it was mentioned to me a week ago). Fast forward three months, this is now my ‘how my three-month internship went’ blog post. (Breaking news: I have now been […]