dxw’s Introduction to Kanban Workshop

Introduction to Kanban Workshop Last week, I attended dxw’s “Introduction to Kanban” workshop as part of my internship to learn about the revolutionary workflow management technique spearheaded by Toyota. “Kanban” in our context is an agile development method that allows development teams more control over the production of their product. Workshop Aims Aiming to introduce […]

Today I Learnt

Carrying on from previous blog posts we would like to share with you all the things we have been learning from our day to day working lives. Using Slack for our internal communications at dxw, we often pick up little hints and tips that can go some way to helping make our lives a little […]

Making user research count, a workshop to learn and share

  Learning how to plan effective user research Last week, I sat in on dxw’s very first “Making User Research Count” workshop to learn more about user-research and to get an insight into how other organisations want to improve it. Workshop Aims The aim of the workshop was to allow participants to identify the common […]