Blog posts by Rose Rees Jones

  • Bye… It’s been amazing!

    After having much of my public sector digital expertise forged in dxw it’s time to go out and use what I have learned to help other digital teams deliver user focused essential services. I arrived at dxw as an anthropologist and was thrown into a world of quick moving design, creativity and solutions. Department of […]

  • Local Govcamp Makers Day: Our thinking – Transparency and engagement are about getting and giving data that matters to people.

    On 11th September I went to the Local Govcamp Makers Day in Leeds, a group of local government digital types had an opportunity to get creative about local government and democracy. To make things that visualise how new and effective solutions might help fix problems. We were challenged to think of ways to engage citizens in their local […]

  • In defence of personas

    Personas are a tool that are used a lot in agile development processes. They are authentic representations of different types of users. Through this representation they communicate information about how user behaviour may vary when the site or service is viewed from different circumstances. Personas have been interpreted as tools that encourage developers to ad […]