Carbon reduction plan 09/23-08/24

Emission reduction target

dxw’s target is based on emissions per person rather than dxw as a whole. Over the last few years we’ve grown in size and therefore so have our emissions. We wanted to set an achievable target for reduction. We’re trialing and measuring new approaches to achieve a reduction this year and future years. Our reduction target this year is 5% (our stretch goal is 10%).

What we’ve done so far


What we plan to do 

Changes to make now

Travel and mileage 

Refine our company travel policy, by asking staff to use greener ways to travel for work purposes. 

Utilities (gas, electricity, water)

When selecting a new communal office space in Leeds we’ll prioritise finding a space that is actively reducing their own emissions by using renewable energy sources. 

Expenses and purchases  

Regularly review what we buy and how we buy it, identify how we can reduce what we buy, and buy the things we need differently (i.e. sustainable companies and second hand).


Regularly review what tools we use and how we use them, identify how we can use less tools, or use the tool we have less. We will explore embedding low tech practices within our development team. We’ll make sure we resell and/ or recycle our devices when we’ve finished with them. 

Employees (tools, commuting, work from home)

Identify a group of volunteers to participate in a trial to reduce their emissions and measure the impact. We’ll ask these volunteers to:

We will evaluate the results of this trial with a view to implementing similar changes across the organisation.

Changes to make next

Web hosting 

Changes planned by AWS in 2025 are expected to reduce dxw emissions significantly.

Changes to make later

There is less control over emissions related to:

By changing what we do have control over we may see a fall in these emissions too.