How we built GovPress admin

Here at dxw we are dedicated to making things better. We spend most of our time designing, building and maintaining sites for our public sector clients. However, we also want to invest time in developing internal products that make our jobs easier and the work more interesting. A new service we recently released as a […]

Quick Tip – disable WordPress login during development

When you’re developing a WordPress site locally it can be tedious to keep logging in with a fake username and password – particularly if you’re testing things out from the perspective of multiple user types (e.g. Admin and Subscriber) or using an existing database. Fortunately there’s a quick hack which makes lets you skip WordPress’ […]

Ruby-on-rails: deleting all data from a table

During development, you might find yourself needing to delete everything from a specific database table to refresh your data. You could drop the whole database and bring it back up again with rake:db:drop, rake:db:setup, but that’s slow and indiscriminate. Instead, boot up a console and call delete_all on your model: % rails c > Advisory.count […]