Our services

We design, build, operate and improve digital public services

We work with

  • central government departments
  • local authorities
  • housing associations
  • healthcare sector
  • arms length bodies
  • charities
  • other organisations working for the public good

In lots of ways

  • researching organisational and user needs
  • developing working prototypes
  • designing and running live services
  • secure hosting of your services
  • developing your organisation’s strategy
  • training modules and workshops
  • building digital capability

Our work with you can range from one-day workshops to long-term partnerships

Creating the right team for you

We can provide a multidisciplinary team which has the specific expertise and resources you need. Our people are used to working with each other, so hit the ground running.

We often work in integrated dxw / client teams, using our expertise to complement yours. This helps to transfer knowledge and develop your own internal capability. So we leave you in a great place to carry on when we’ve gone.

Meeting the Service Standard

All our services meet the Service Standard. Some of the dxw team were involved in the development of the standard and its recent update.

Where the work gets done

Our teams are usually co-located with our clients. But we’re also experts at remote working and have been doing that since last year with clients and colleagues across the UK and beyond.

Want to find out more? We’re always happy to meet and chat about the kind of services we offer. Drop us an email.

We can also explain the different ways you can contract with us. This will vary depending on your type of organisation.

dxw supply a range of services on the Digital Marketplace, which is available to public sector clients.

On Digital Outcomes and Specialists, we can provide multidisciplinary teams working towards particular outcomes, or individual specialists. This can be for short projects or longer-term transformational work.

On G-Cloud, we provide cloud consultancy, hosting and support. This includes our industry-leading WordPress hosting service, GovPress for public sector websites, and secure container hosting service.

We’re on the Humber Digital Framework (Lot 2), which allows organisations in the region to procure Discovery and Development Services from us.

dxw is a registered supplier on various other procurement services, including procontract and NHS’s bravo service.