Introducing Alex

Hi I’m Alex, and I’m the new designer/front-end developer. I’m really happy to be part of dxw  and I’m looking forward to working on design and front-end projects with the team and our clients.

I designed and built my first website in 1999 – it was rubbish. But I stuck at it and consumed as much knowledge as I could on design theory and web standards. About 10 years ago my career took a sharp turn and I started working in eCommerce, designing and building for the likes of Superdrug, Stone Island and the BBC.

Years of selling products to public has given me a deep understanding user flow in complex transactional web sites. I’m passionate about design, data driven research, user experience and web performance – all the things that make great online experiences. I’m really excited to be part of an organisation that’s doing good in the public sector and can’t wait to get stuck in.