Moving on

At the end of March I’ll be moving on from dxw.

When I was hired by dxw three years ago, I was the fifth staff member. My original job description was to focus on user experience and front-end web development, but as the company grew, my role evolved with it.

Since then dxw has grown from 5 staff to 14, and is in the process of hiring 4 more people. Over time my role transitioned beyond user experience and into service design; considering not only what the functionality of a digital service should be, but how the organisations we work with can support and improve those services over time.

During the last three years the company has flourished, expanding its expertise and maturing its user focused approach to digital services. I’m exceptionally proud of the work that we’ve done, and the supportive and creative team that we’ve built together.

The public sector is an incredibly exciting place to be at the moment. With the help of the GDS, central government digital is thriving, and real progress is starting to be made in local government. Housing associations and charities are starting to realise the potential power and efficiency of digital services, and some are just starting the journey to truly embed digital in their organisations. There is a lot of positive change coming.

dxw is just one piece of that landscape, and while I’ve had an amazing time here, I’m itching to get out and explore more of the territory. From the middle of April, I’ll be working as a freelance service designer.

dxw will always have my appreciation for taking me on this journey with them, and I’m hopeful that I’ll get to work with the amazing team here again.