Introducing Rob

Hi, I’m Rob, one of dxw’s new PHP developers. I’m really pleased to be joining dxw and look forward to getting involved with all our PHP and WordPress projects.

Before joining dxw, I spent several years at the National Audit Office, working on their website and intranet in a variety of forms. I went from building basic HTML pages (with table-based layouts, oops), to building enterprise apps in .NET and SharePoint.

But it was the introduction of WordPress that excited me most, and put me on the path that led me here. It’s the community around WordPress that makes it particularly special, and I look forward to being able to contribute to that in my work here.

What makes dxw unique is its complete public sector focus. It means we have the chance to build things that can make a genuine difference to people’s lives, and that’s a pretty compelling reason to come to work each day.

I’m excited to be able to play my part!