Introducing Alex Jackson

I’m Alex, and I’ve joined dxw as a delivery manager. I’m excited to join a team that is helping the public sector deliver great services.

I’ve been playing my part in the digital transformation of government for over 8 years: initially for Directgov which became part of the Government Digital Service, and most recently at the Department for Work and Pensions. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked on products and services that have made it simpler, easier and faster for users to deal with government.

I’ve known about dxw both through their work with GDS, and through their support for the digital community. I’ve joined because the team shares the values of the public sector: a focus on users, on building trust (between users and organisations, but also between suppliers and the public sector), and on delivering services so good that people choose to use them. I know I’m going to feel at home in the team.

Suppliers are an essential part of how government delivers – they bring a diversity of thought, approach, and skills. dxw’s agile and collaborative ways of working are conducive to delivering better outcomes for users of public services.

Taking an agile approach to the transformation of government has been fundamental to its success – and getting this approach right is what motivates me. I like to work with people to help them understand and realise the benefits of agile, and to help them find the right way for them. I’m happiest when I’m working in a multi-disciplinary team, and I’m looking forward to helping the public sector deliver the right thing in the right way, with dxw.