Delivering a Delivery Manager


At the beginning of the January I moved roles to help out as a Delivery Manager at dxw.

Why make the change?

I’ve been on the development team at dxw for over a year now. While I have been having enormous fun building software for our clients and their users, I wanted to try my hand at the experience dxw provides for our clients. So I joined the other DMs to help work on our service offering.

What does that mean?

I’ve spent a lot of my career working with clients and the public at large, and a lot of time being out-and-about and trying to inspire people to do more. dxw’s goal is to help people build better services, and this is what I’m trying to do. To help inspire our teams and the teams we work with to build the best possible services for our users.

What are you doing now?

I spend most of my time looking further ahead. As a developer my immediate concern is the story I am working on. As a DM my concern is the stories that developers are yet to start. Making sure stories are ready, and all the impediments are removed. Beyond this, I’m working with our clients to help plan future sprints, and figure out how to keep the project running as smoothly as possible.

What are you not doing anymore?

Coding! I’m not really writing code anymore (although I’ve still written the odd code review to help out). I am still a developer at heart, and I’ve been using these skills to triage any issues that arise. So I’ll be making sure that by the time any issue gets to the development team, it’s a well understood problem, and we know roughly how to fix it.

Finally, is this your introductory blog post? I see everyone else at dxw has one…

Shh… Let’s not talk about that.