GovPress: a relaunch for G Cloud 9

Here at dxw we practice what we preach, iterating and improving the services that we offer based on our users’ needs. With the latest iteration of G-Cloud now available we’ve relaunched our GovPress secure WordPress hosting platform with new support plans that better meet our users’ needs.

GovPress will continue to be available  exclusively to the public sector providing a secure, scalable and cost-effective hosting platform for WordPress sites. Our main focus is, as always, to make sure that the sites we host are within a hardened and secure environment that you can rely on to keep your site performing as it should.

Our experience of hosting different public sector websites has shown that clients’ support needs differ depending on their in-house technical capabilities and the profile of their sites. We wanted to make sure the support plans we offer reflect and meet these different needs and have introduced three plans for organisations to choose from.

GovPress Unmanaged Hosting

Our unmanaged hosting plan is for organisations with an in-house technical team who are only looking to host a website. This plan includes secure hosting on our platform with deploy and database access through our GovPress Admin dashboard so your team has everything they need to continue to maintain and develop your sites.

GovPress Managed Hosting

This plan is ideal for organisations looking for additional technical capability alongside their hosting including maintenance, updates and bug fixes. Under this plan, we manage all code, maintenance and updates.  We also carry out uptime monitoring and provide security event monitoring intended to detect and prevent attacks. You can raise support tickets for help with any aspect of the service including help with using the WordPress admin area.

GovPress Managed Plus Hosting

This plan is ideal for organisations with higher assurance requirements. Not only does it include all the features of our managed hosting plan it also includes an enhanced SLA with faster response targets for added peace of mind, a named account manager and a quarterly site review meeting to give you where we can discuss your service.

We hope these plans provide clients with the flexibility to select the plan that best meets their needs. For more information on GovPress and its benefits contact us as or visit us on the digital marketplace.