A healthy bit of comPIEtition!

It’s that time of year again! We were concerned as snow and sickness had delayed this auspicious annual company event, but fortunately we held the Great dxw Mince Pie Tasting (#GDXWMPT) today!

As you will all know, the winner of this rigorously user tested and highly coveted award will be the mince pie of choice for our Christmas party this Thursday.

A selection from the major supermarkets had been procured, though sadly due to circumstances beyond our control, we were missing some representatives such as Aldi, Iceland and Coop – we hope to see them back in the competition next year.

Our scorecard covered look, taste, filling and the overall score and the ePIEcures assembled, with palate cleansing tea at the ready. Some tasters took one sweep of the board to decide, some opted for a number of smaller nibbles and one frankly just stuffed their face (cough…Harry).

The data was then collated and we had a winner! For the second year in a row, Waitrose was the crowd-pleaser but Tesco Finest might be coming for the title next year.