Regan joins dxw

Hello everyone!

My name is Regan, and I’m new to dxw this week. I was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada, and after graduating from university I decided to kickstart my post-grad career in London. I completed a Journalism program, but during my studies discovered I have a greater passion for digital marketing. Most of my skills came from volunteering with small businesses to help with their social media presence, marketing growth, and blogs. During my job search, I began to realise that many companies don’t see hands-on work as sufficient experience. I trusted that I’d find the right company who would give me an opportunity to grow my skills and progress with them. And so, here I am at dxw.


I believe it’s immensely important to work with a company which values diversity and supports staff from various backgrounds. It spoke volumes to me when I learned that this is of great importance for our team. It not only reflects well on our company but also creates a positive feel of opportunity and growth within the office.


Within the next year, I’m hoping to advance my strategic marketing abilities while integrating new ideas which will help influence the social media presence of dxw. I know I’ll learn so much from working under the wing of the individuals on our team. I’m looking forward to attending conferences,  such as UK Health Camp and learning further from other leaders.

Mes Passions

I’ve always been passionate about helping others, especially those who are less fortunate than I am. Last summer I spent time volunteering for Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity organisation for the homeless in London and plan on going back again this year. I’m very excited about discovering and learning about new concepts to assist the public sector.

Other great passions of mine involve eating, cooking, and exploring new places! I recently got back from Crete, Greece, where I explored the beautiful town of Chania. I’m hoping to head down to Portugal soon and visit my grandparents who live in Aveiro, and I also want to explore the coasts of the UK with some surfing in Cornwall.  I thrive off travelling and eating. I’m always happy to chat, and would love to hear some suggestions about cool places to explore here in the UK and Europe.

I look forward to getting to know all of you, and thank you for the warm welcome! I’m very happy to be a part of this team.