Introducing Israt

Hello, I am Israt and I am the newest designer to join dxw!

Before joining dxw, I was working as a front-end visual designer, in a multi-disciplinary team for a media company working on in-house and commercial agile brands for Automotive, Technology, Current Affairs and Lifestyle.

Prior to my previous employment, I acquired a First class BA HONS degree in design and multimedia from the University of Worcester. My experiences have helped me train and improve my technical knowledge and proficiency in a wide range of creative areas. I thrive on creating effective and innovative solutions. My interest in design has enabled me to push my creative boundaries and has led me to become an all-round designer.

More about me

Outside of work, I volunteer for a variety of local organisations. I love giving back to the community and bring the essence humbleness into my life. I’m also part of a small organisation put together with my friends, called Granny Trolleys. We collect clothing donations and goods, purchase good from donations, to give to the locals in need.

Being brilliantly different is part of my DNA, I love strange and wonderful things! I am a serious foodie and have a major sweet tooth, hence why I like to keep active (to make space for all of the yummy goodness) also embarrassingly addicted to chips, I dream about chips a lot and I love chilli sauce on pretty much everything I eat!

I love a good movie binge (SCI-FI, horror, sap for romance, comedy)- favourites are Marvel movies; socialising and always taking classes to expand my knowledge, for example I have currently started learning the Arabic language.


In my time at dxw, I am looking forward to understanding how the company works with public sector organisations and taking on fresh challenges to help build great public services across government. I hope to learn, push my creative boundaries and help shape dxw services to continue growing beautifully.