Blog posts by Israt Choudhury

  • Israt and colleagues attending a conference

    Life as a Muslim designer

    I asked my colleagues to send me questions on what they would like to know about my faith and how it impacts my work and personal life.

  • Why it’s good to fail: my day at You Got This!

    I recently went to the You Got This! conference and came back with many insightful thoughts for early-career developers. 

  • Improving remote workshops

    We’ve been putting a lot of effort into making remote working better, so we decided to try out having a remote facilitator and only using online tools.

  • Introducing Israt

    Hello, I am Israt and I am the newest designer to join dxw! Before joining dxw, I was working as a front-end visual designer, in a multi-disciplinary team for a media company working on in-house and commercial agile brands for Automotive, Technology, Current Affairs and Lifestyle. Prior to my previous employment, I acquired a First […]