Introducing dxw Friends: our trusted network of contractors and partners

We are constantly looking to improve the diversity of talent and experience of our network

As the UK begins it’s recovery from COVID-19 and adapts to life outside the European Union, our 13th year at dxw looks like it might be both our most challenging and rewarding yet. We know that for dxw to have the greatest impact on improving people’s lives, we must offer the public sector a broad range of experience and expertise and be able to operate at scale. 

With this in mind, we are excited to introduce you to dxw Friends, a group of like-minded organisations and individuals, who are experts in their field. Our Friends work with us on projects, complimenting our core product leadership and multidisciplinary teams. This means we’re able to scale high performing teams up and down in response to demand, and provide the depth of expertise our clients need.  

If you’d like to join our Friends network, we strongly welcome approaches from people we haven’t worked with before. We are constantly looking to improve the diversity of talent and experience of our network.

So who are our dxw Friends?

Our ambition is to leverage dxw’s exemplary work in the public sector, with that of our dxw Friends network, to create something of tremendous value to organisations working for the public good.

Broadly speaking our dxw Friends are subject matter experts who share our mission and values. They might be a partner organisation, a leader in their profession or sector, or an individual specialist from across the digital professions (strategy, delivery, product, research, design and technology). 

As we look to build services that work for everyone, we need to create diverse teams which represent the different people that live in the UK. In doing so, we have, and will continue to, strive to make sure that our dxw Friends network looks like the people whose lives we want to improve. 

Using our experience to deliver good services quickly and save money

With the real life pressures of delivery at pace, we are acutely aware of the risks to both the buyer and supplier of simply expecting talented individuals to form a team and deliver on time and budget. High profile projects, with high profile teams, have often failed because of a lack of  direction and cohesion. The team behind the dxw Friends network will engage specialists where we’re confident we can ensure real value for our clients. 

Taking a lead from public sector platforms like the digital marketplace, we’ll manage the commercials in advance of any engagement, so that both our teams and the client are presented with a single, unified delivery team. 

The dxw Friends network is already in place and operational.  We have them supporting our projects in both central and local government and the charity sector. Some of those case studies are online, and we’ll be sharing more. 

If you are interested in applying, have a look on our website