Our approach to measuring digital capability and why it’s important

What is digital maturity? We work with public sector organisations to help them understand their digital maturity. What digital maturity means to us is the capability of an organisation to design and deliver change that meets their goals and the needs of their users. It’s about both people – the skills and capabilities that an […]

Croydon Digital Service: turning strategy into delivery

Croydon council is on an exciting journey. Neil Williams, their recently appointed CDO, has told the world that they are #notmessingaround. Neil and his team are reshaping the council’s IT and Digital function into the Croydon Digital Service to deliver better outcomes for their residents. We recently ran a strategy workshop with the Croydon Digital […]

Introducing Alex Yedigaroff, our first Transformation Manager

Hello! I’m Alex. I joined dxw digital last month as their first Transformation Manager, working with Coca – dxw digital’s Head of Strategy. I’m really excited to be here as we expand the strategic support we’re offering clients. That means working with teams to do the groundwork that happens before, during and after digital projects. […]