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  • Maintaining a house of code – lessons learned at the end of a long project

    Prioritising maintenance work along with the development of new features is ultimately not a developer’s decision. But we should make the most compelling case we can.

  • SPA Conference Report: Day 3

    DAY 3 Well what would you do next…? – John Armstrong-Prior Making decisions is one of the most painful areas for me, in life and in work, so I felt I had to go to the workshop that would test and exercise this. It’s a constant battle whether to practice and exercise the things I […]

  • SPA Conference – Day 2: overcoming hurdles and reaching goals as a developer

    Read about the first day here Session 1: ‘What would YOU Call This Workshop?’ And Other Powerful Questions by Tim Bourguignon & Amitai Schleier It was really useful to look at the kinds of questions we generate. For example, I noticed that I tend to formulate closed questions. Closed questions aren’t necessarily “bad” or unhelpful, […]

  • SPA Conference Report

    Between the 2nd and 4th of July I attended the SPA Conference (Software in Practice). It was a great conference, with a lot of emphasis on practice – more workshops than talks and more interactive than passive. Audience participation was encouraged by default. It was great to have the space and time to set aside […]