Blog posts by Leanne Garvie

  • The problem with Management Information

    MISO or Management Information System Online is a system used by Crown Commercial Service to help them understand what work is done through their frameworks, and to calculate their fees to suppliers. All suppliers are expected to submit Management Information (MI) on orders and invoices submitted each month under G-Cloud and the Digital Services Frameworks. […]

  • Work retreats can be fun

    Contrary to the post I read in the SME Insider this morning about work retreats, the dxw retreat over the weekend was all of the fun (and we didn’t jump out of any planes). I guess I’ve been lucky in my working career so far, when I’ve been asked away with work it’s been for […]

  • Being a non-techie working in tech

    You can sometimes spend your whole working life in a ‘comfort zone’ where you feel familiar enough with everything that’s going on around you. You might even feel like you are an expert in a particular field and have an added confidence in your step as you merrily skip to work in the morning. I […]

  • Introducing Leanne

    Who am I? Hi, I’m Leanne. I joined the dxw team a few weeks ago as the office administrator. I have come from a varied background of working for Lloyds TSB (when that was still a thing), Sage Software up in Newcastle (where the football is sad) and 6 years working for a fitness company as […]