Getting to beta service assessment

Last week we blogged about completing an alpha and getting ready to move into the beta phase. This post looks at moving into the beta phase and getting to beta service assessment. Start small In the early stages of a beta, it’s important to focus on the leanest version of a service that can meet […]

From A to B: turning an alpha into a successful beta

This is the first of two blog posts about how we approach moving through alpha and beta. This post looks at what’s involved in the alpha phase and how to get to the point of launching a successful beta service. Testing solutions to what we learned in discovery During the alpha phase, we’re trying to […]

Saying cheers’en to dxw

When I joined dxw in March 2018, I was excited about getting involved in lots of different projects across the public sector, and helping to make things better. I had a distant plan to relocate back to Devon at some point in the future. Life comes at you fast, though, so when an opportunity came […]

Discovery: embracing the unknowns

In my last blog post I talked about how valuable discovery work can be in making the case for taking a user centred iterative approach to developing services. For teams working to the Government Digital Service Standard, or signatories of the Local Digital Declaration, discovery phases are an increasingly common part of digital service development. […]

Discovery work is a brilliant place to start

Discovery work is a really helpful way of showing the value of iterative, user-centred delivery to stakeholders who might not be familiar with working this way. (For a fantastic example of this in action, see this brilliant stuff from the Digital Land team at MHCLG.) There are often reasonable concerns about how to accommodate a […]

Preparing to deliver an outcome with a DOS supplier

We’ve blogged previously about digital opportunities and ways to engage the market to make sure your procurement gets the best pitches from the most appropriate suppliers. We’ve developed our thinking on this through lots of conversations with other suppliers and with buyers. We’ve also drawn on our extensive experience of going through the procurement process […]

Product People North

Last Friday I spent a day in Leeds, attending Product People North. It was a nice excuse to go and see dxw digital’s new second home city, and also gave me the opportunity to catch up with some people I haven’t seen in a while and meet some new ones too. I like events like […]

Introducing Ellie

Hey, I’m Ellie, and I’ve just joined dxw as a Product Manager. I’ve cut a winding path to get here. My first office job was typing up survey responses from hundreds of GP patients for a Primary Care Trust. I managed to get it done with enough time left to help run some conference events, […]