Blog posts by Mallory Adams

  • Be kinder to yourself

    I’ve recently received a few messages from colleagues being unkind to themselves, so have shared some thoughts on how to be kinder to ourselves.

  • XSS in WordPress: a tutorial

    One of the most common vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins is cross site scripting – XSS for short. The basic premise of XSS is that an attacker is able to cause JavaScript to run in somebody else’s browser, while they’re on a website that the attacker shouldn’t be able to control. By the end of this, […]

  • IPv6 on, 1 year on

    Last year we had a little look at IPv6 on domains. IP (Internet Protocol) is one of the core protocols of the internet. It’s used for giving addresses to devices on a network and for delivering the right data to the right device. There’s a transition going on right now from IPv4 to IPv6. […]

  • IPv6 readiness of

    IPv6 is more important than ever as all but one of the regional internet registries are running out of IPv4 addresses and IPv6-only phone services start to appear. IPv4 has space for only about 4 billion people to have their own IP address (4 × 109), while IPv6 has space for about 10 octillion addresses […]

  • WordPress Docs

    With a couple of days between projects, I had a chance to work on my latest 20% project. RailsAPI‘s sdoc format is very nice in that it allows searching over all methods and classes, and is generally an intuitive way of doing things. WordPress is full of PHPDoc comments, the Codex is invaluable, and of […]

  • Posty – our new gem for geolocation in Ruby

    Just last week Ordnance Survey released a tonne of data. This is of course a wonderful thing for everybody, and software making use of this data has only started appearing in the past week. This morning, in fact, we noticed a gem, pat by Stef Lewandowski which uses Pezholio/Stuart Harrison’s very useful UK Postcodes. We […]