My new found love of empathy mapping

We’ve written a few blog posts about our recent project with North Lincolnshire council to share some of the tools and techniques we used to help assess their digital maturity. Here’s another one! Alongside a number of one-to-one interviews with people in various roles at the council, we ran workshops with service managers to find […]

Some alternatives to using personas

User-centred practices rightly demand that we make sure the user (person!) using a service is considered throughout design and development. We ask user researchers to find out more about what people are doing and thinking, and what contexts they would be using our services in. Our challenge is then how we share what we’ve learned […]

Inside the box: an exercise in service thinking

A few weeks ago, we ran a workshop with North Lincolnshire council’s senior leaders to play back our findings from their digital maturity assessment.  There was a lot of information to share with them, but we wanted to ensure that we included an activity to get senior leadership thinking about possible ideas for an exemplar […]

4 steps to improve your digital maturity – our work with North Lincolnshire council

dxw recently completed a project with North Lincolnshire council to assess their digital maturity. Councils are large organisations that deliver a huge number of services to their residents and businesses, so understanding how well set up the environment is to deliver meaningful change is an incredibly valuable exercise. North Lincolnshire had 3 main aims from […]

Discovery isn’t just for digital

Last week, I attended my first networking event in the North. Run by Design Network North, it was called Rise & Design: Innovations in Health. The topics being covered were focused on physical products entering the NHS, but I thought it would be interesting to hear what people were talking about and learn a bit […]

Introducing Marianne, our first User Researcher in the North

Hi, I’m Marianne, the first User Researcher to join the dxw digital Leeds office. Having recently returned from maternity leave I’m super excited (and a bit nervous) to get stuck into some projects up here! This is my first role in the public sector, but I’ve been working to improve products and services for people […]