Building a blogging platform for Essex County Council in 8 days

Last month one of our delivery teams worked with the service design team at Essex County Council to build them a new blogging platform. In just one two-week sprint. Their first blog went live this week, so this seems like the perfect time for a celebration and a short story about the project. “We’re not […]

Improving the GOV.UK blogging platform

Three years ago dxw built a blogging platform for government,, to move departmental blogs on to GOV.UK and help civil servants blog as easily as possible. We’ve been hosting and developing the site since it launched, and this year GDS renewed their contract with us for a further two years. It’s been a while […]

dxw at Women in Digital Government

A few weeks ago Vita and I went to the first Women in Digital Government event. It was structured as an unconference by GDS and held at Conway Hall in Holborn, to bring together digital and technology teams across government to talk about the challenges women face in the industry and how we can make […]

Building a finder on GOV.UK

Back in April we started working with the Department for International Development (DFID) to help them transition one of their legacy websites on to GOV.UK as a finder. Finders are a filtered search, which departments and agencies use for custom filtering on specialist content. In DFID’s case, they are required to publish outputs from every […]

Building a campaigns platform for government

Back in July we embarked on an exciting new project with GDS to build a platform for users across government to create their own campaign websites. From our experience of working on projects like Exporting is GREAT and Own Your Home, we’ve learned that a significant number of campaigns are simple, low-cost and hosted on […]

Introducing Stacey Phillips

Hi I’m Stacey and I’ve just joined dxw as a Delivery Manager. I’ll be responsible for managing the delivery of our projects, so I’ll be working closely with development teams and our clients to help them build and launch great digital services. A big part of this involves applying agile and user-centred methodologies to ensure […]