Applying design thinking to help teams approve spend across government

Using design sprints to marry policy and delivery. #oneteamgov is a movement across government that seeks to better align policy and delivery. We have adopted the same ethos for our work with the Government Digital Service (GDS) standards assurance team. In the past, policy teams have designed technical or product solutions to problems without working […]

Beyond slide decks and reports

Beyond slide decks and reports: Running workshops to share research findings and help others apply design thinking We recently worked on a discovery project with the Government Digital Service (GDS) to improve the tools and systems that support the Cabinet Office spend controls. We worked with the Standards Assurance team at GDS, who are responsible […]

dxw at Service Design in Government 2017

We recently shared two cases studies at the Service Design in Government 2017 conference. The event brings together anyone involved in designing or delivering public services. Why did we decide to take part? At dxw we help public sector teams to make good technology decisions and build better services. As user researchers working on projects […]

How we do agile research analysis

Agile analysis shapes our research Conducting research for agile projects means that we need to work fast, include the whole team and provide clients with opportunities to get involved. We embed research in all our work and remain flexible in our approach. This means sometimes we’re working on a full on eight-week discovery phase and […]

How we capture research data for agile analysis

Don’t underestimate the value of good notes User researchers are a bit like wedding photographers. We have to capture what’s happening, what the participant does and what they say, but this is a small part of a researcher’s work. The real value actually comes from the analysis we do afterwards. Much like a photographer spends […]

Introducing Vita

Why dxw? Being generally annoyed with inefficiencies made me a user researcher Having worked in hospitality for a number of years, I started my professional tech journey just over five years ago at a startup providing reservation systems. Not exactly a ‘saving the world’ sort of industry, but it did expose me to to the […]