The less obvious skills you need to be a better researcher

No, I won’t be talking about curiosity and empathy. These words have been so overused in the research and design community that they’ve lost meaning. At least to me. They’re up there with buzzwords like sense-making. So unless you’ll figure out what that means for you in practice, focus on other soft skills. And that’s what I’ll do in this post.

Working with Drinkaware to help people cut down drinking (part 1 of 2)

We’ve been working with Drinkaware. Their vision is to reduce alcohol-related harm by helping people make better choices about their drinking. Drinkaware asked dxw to help them understand how they might evolve their digital and offline offering to encourage and support long-term behaviour change.  This is the first of 2 blog posts. In this post […]

Why is collaborative analysis so important?

Unseen research is wasted research – Gregg Bernstein Analysis which turns research data into valuable findings a team can act on, is the most important part of what we do as user researchers. But tends to be the least visible and least understood.  You can have well designed research questions, conduct lots of research, and […]

Updating our user research principles 

Last year the growing team of user researchers at dxw digital came together to document a more consistent way of working. We set out 10 principles to guide the way we approach, do, and talk about research. We also drafted a workflow that describes the types of things that user researchers usually do on projects. […]

The hopes, fears and reality of a new working mom

Better than expected Someone said that a woman is reborn when her baby arrives. It’s true! That’s without adding work to the mix. I only started getting to know this new me when I had to go back to work. It has been almost 4 months since I returned to work as a user researcher […]

Collectively defining our user research principles

Why we did it At dxw, all user researchers have different personal, academic and professional backgrounds. This diversity makes us better as a team. We have a strong collective capability, allowing us to successfully take on a variety of challenging projects, to have more impact and deliver better outcomes in the public sector. We work […]

10 principles that underpin user research at dxw

At dxw, we believe in making decisions based on evidenced user needs. As researchers, we help multidisciplinary teams learn about users and recognise the value of user research. There is no single right way of doing this, but as a team, we need to be consistent in the way we approach, perform, and talk about […]

Making user research count

Join us on March 13th for a user research workshop with Hilary Chan and Vita Mangan Format Interactive workshop with thought element and hands-on activities What you’ll learn The common mistakes people and organisations make that trick them into thinking they’re doing user research when they’re not. How to identify gaps in previous research and […]